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Sat, Mar. 29th, 2008, 01:21 am

I had to re-buy three times tonight, putting my total stake at €20. There were dizzying highs and punishing lows. Actually, until late in the evening mostly punishing lows. I was getting crap cards to the point where even J5 was looking ok. That's not good. But even worse, even my better cards wouldn't hold up. Early on I went all in with bullets (pocket aces) only to lose to 52s when Alan drew running 2's to make trips.

A few big late plays made up for all that and I was back in black by the time we decided to start mixing the game up. From Hold 'Em we went to Omaha, where I profited somewhat despite swings of €5 or more. I feel I'm getting better at identifying good Omaha hands but I still end up playing weaker hands. The problem is when you're holding four cards everything looks promising. We had a short run of Manila but it didn't really go anywhere. I like this poker variation, but somehow it wasn't the night. Then we played Omaha with the "Freedom of Information Act" (all folded and burnt cards get shown immediately).

At the tail end of the night I made up a new game. It's Hold 'Em but 2, 3, and 4 count double for flushes. So, for example, 28JK of clubs makes a king-high flush, and 23Q of spades makes a spade flush. No flushes came up in the 3 or so rounds we played but it was interesting. For example A2s becomes a more powerful hand.

I ended the night up €1.50, due to getting some good action in Omaha and probably benefiting from the generally looser table at the end of the night.

I heartily recommend goat's cheese Camembert and Yamazaki whisky.